Wellness Services

Health and Wellness Therapies


Reiki – $45

A hands-on method to encourage a deep relaxation within the client’s physical and emotional energy field. Increases relaxation and the bodie’s own healing ability.

Crystal Chakra Balancing – $45

Both Treatments – $60


Reflexology – $30 for 30 mins.

Pressure on the hands and feet correspond for healing through every gland and organ of the body. Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation, stimulates and relaxes the nervous system. Promotes natural healing.

Triflexology – $45 for 45 mins or $55 for 60 mins

The added benefit of reflexology of the feet, hands and acupuncture meridians of the head. Relaxation from head to toe!


Bio Lymphatic Drainage

Face $25
Upper/Lower Body $55
add Abdominal Cleanse $10

Ear (Auricular) Candling – $30 or Buy 2 sessions or more for $25 each

This ancient art is used to remove excess wax build up, ease ear pressure or release fluid. It also works on the human body’s energy field. Through candling with beeswax, a gentle vacuum flow will draw up any impurities, wax, fluid etc…providing much relief to the client.

WOW Weight Loss and Nutrition Counselling – Consultation Required

Our program helps to promote and educate about the effects that food has on your overall health and well-being. We will show you how to properly fuel your body, not with diet fads and quick weightloss tricks, but with sound nutritional advice and guidance. Plan includes Initial Consultation, Weight Management Program and Detoxification & Nutrition Program. 12 sessions recommended and seminars quarterly.